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Lil Nas X - Rodeo (ft. Nas) [Official Video]

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Official video for "Rodeo" by Lil Nas X featuring Nas. Listen & Download “Rodeo” out now: https://LilNasX.lnk.to/RodeoRemix Amazon - https://LilNasX.lnk.to/RodeoRemix/amazon Apple Music - https://LilNasX.lnk.to/RodeoRemix/applemusic iTunes - https://LilNasX.lnk.to/RodeoRemix/itunes Spotify - https://LilNasX.lnk.to/RodeoRemix/spotify YouTube Music - https://LilNasX.lnk.to/RodeoRemix/youtubemusic Starring: Lil Nas X & Nas Story By: Lil Nas X & Bradley & Pablo Directors: Bradley & Pablo Production Company: PRETTYBIRD Cinematography: Pablo Berron Production Design: Greg Allen Lang Editor: Lauren Dellara Visual Effects: Chimney Strategic Partnerhips: Jen Frommer & Raquel Roberts Producers: Megan Gutman, Candice Dragonas, Chris Clavadetscher, Producer/Video Commissioner: Saul Levitz LNX Stylist: Hodo Musa LNX Hair/Makeup: Brittany Thomas Choreographer: Jamaica Craft, Josh Smith, and Antonio Hudnell for Jam Session Ent. Nas Stylist: April Roomet Nas Hair/Makeup: Marcus Harvey Follow Lil Nas X Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LilNasX/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/lilnasx/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/LilNasX Follow Nas Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Nas/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nas/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/nas https://www.lilnasx.com #LilNasX #Rodeo #Nas
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