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Tyler & Ryan

All rights belong to the artist, profile is managed by artist.
All rights belong to the artist, profile is managed by Silent Talents.
Bristol (United States)
22 Original

About Tyler & Ryan

We are Tyler and Ryan Falcoa, known officially as 'Tyler & Ryan', are making a name for themselves in the music industry. Their following is rapidly growing, as they move away from solely “cover artists” on YouTube to writing and producing original music. The duo sold out their first concert at Foxwoods Resort Casino, as well as a number of local shows in Rhode Island.
They caught the attention of mainstream artists such as Daya, Jacob Whitesides, Florida Georgia line and have also appeared as guest performers on ‘VH1's 'The Streamys', and have been involved with ‘American Idol’, 'The X Factor', ‘The Voice’, and ‘America’s Got Talent’.
Tyler & Ryan fans, known as ‘Falcoanators’, have driven ‘Tyler & Ryan’ to over 60,000 Subscribers on YouTube, a combined Twitter following of 53,000 followers, and over 8 million views. Tyler & Ryan’s Debut EP, “Basement Diaries” is now available worldwide on ITunes, Spotify and Tidal!
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